Carriage Lighting Strip (Blue LED)

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Ideal for carriage lighting, and many more applications

For instance, station valances, loco shed lighting etc. etc.

Can be cut every 5cm (3 LED’s)<BR>Each 10cm segment is self contained with resistor, and convenient solder pads for connection.

Supplied in 10cm (6 LED) lengths, maximum length before join is 50cm, simply solder lengths together to produce the length you need, or cut into minimum 5cm lengths and join with wires to produce lighting clusters wherever needed.

Cool running (room temperature), and easy to install with the permanent 3m adhesive strip that is already applied to the rear of the strip.

8mm wide, 2mm high. Spacing between leds: 13mm.

The strips will work with voltages from 12V to 18V (without external voltages). If the brightness of the strip is too high, then use the supplied external dropper resistors to reduce to an acceptable level.

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