Fantasonics Day & Night (Prairie/Desert)

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This is the first of our Dawn/Day/Dusk/Night series of scenes, and it will be right at home in any layout scene depicting the Southwest US. The birds and critters are from the four corners (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah). This scene will be equally appropriate in any high desert or Rockies foothills scene where birds might congregate, and absolutely perfect behind that mining operation anywhere near the four corners.
Desolation is the feeling in this one. The dawn is quiet and starts out slowly, the day is also quiet but has it moments, the dusk celebrates the day and heralds in the night… ‘things’ always seem a bit louder, and closer, at night:). The scene is not prototypical to any specific locale, but it is correct for the region in its namesake. Subtle, and understated… its the perfect backdrop for that little NG line you own and operate (or are planning:), or for that major route to the West.
This one really takes you ‘someplace else’…

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