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You asked for it, and we listened. This CD scene portrays smaller rural grain elevators (towards one side), and a feed store and lot (towards the other). The elevators run, grain is distributed to the silos, as often as not, this scene is a fairly quiet rural ambience. But there is always activity! There is a feed lot tractor, and repairs need to be done, and at any given moment there is always something going on in the feed store. Nighttime in the store is a time for congregation (and a friendly poker game:).

Of course there is a full crew and staff, and ‘locals’ in attendance, and a compliment of critters and birds, and the occasional lonely breeze quietly haunts the wide open prairie sky.

Scale Magic proprietary imaging makes this scene big no matter how far down you turn the volume.

Riley Feed & Grain
Track 1
grainy morning shift 15:28
Track 2 grainy day (routine) 15:30
Track 3 grainy afternoon (quiet) 15:30
Track 4 grainy night 16:24

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