LDT TT-DEC-R Turntable Decoder 010513 for Roco 42615

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Turntable Decoder for Roco H0 Turntable 42615 (TT-DEC-R)

This is a finished unit with a case
Full English instructions included.

The Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC-R is suitable for the digital control of Roco HO 42615 Turntable.

The Roco H0 turntable 42615 can be equipped with up to 40 track connections.
Non-aligned opposite track connection can be assembled at a min. of a 4.5 degree offset.

The operation of the TT-DEC-R is compatible to the Märklin Turntable electronic 7686. And is therefore simple to control via any Digital Command Station and Model railway software, which supports the Märklin turntable electronic 7686 with a turntable graphic.

The digital format (Märklin-Motorola or DCC) and the location of the track connections are easily programmable via any digital command station which is able to switch turnouts or via a model railway software which supports the Märklin turntable electronic 7686. Any track connection of the turntable can be programmed as track 1 (reference track).

The TT-DEC-R permits the step by step rotation to the right or left side, the direct connection of pre-selected tracks and turning the movement of the turntable by 180 degree.

The rotation speed of the turntable can be adjusted via a potentiometer. The motor of the turntable receives a stabilized direct voltage for a steady turning movement of the bridge track.

LDT Part Number: TT-DEC-R-F (010513)

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