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QSI “Super-Cap” for Quantum, Aristo/Magnum Sound Decoders

QSI have developed a “SuperCap” kit that can be added to the Quantum G/O boards to improve operation with the conventional, popular, wireless Aristocraft DC control “Train Engineer.

Like all decoders, the Quantum sound decoders need 6+ volts to operate. The Train Engineer can do this, but when you reverse direction, it reduces the voltage to “0”, and then goes to the opposite voltage. Reducing the voltage to zero of course silences the sound.

By adding the SuperCap special high storage capacitors, even at zero track voltage the sound will last for about 30 seconds permitting the operator to change direction without losing the sound at zero speed.

When the locomotive is moving, a change in the direction switch will operate the loco’s horn/whistle, another change will turn it off. There is a minor slow down when you operate the horn/whistle.

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