Redutex 076LD112 Brick Plain Bond Red OO Gauge

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Natural finish OO scale self-adhesive 3D ‘look and feel’ effect sheet.

Use your creativity! Many textures can be used for alternativepurposes, e.g. Wood decking can also be used for wooden siding, or asshed and fence panels. 2mm Roman walling also makes great 4mm block paving!
Each Redutex texture sheet is a 300mm x 120mm sheet of acrylic 3D surface effect with a self-adhesive backing.
Appearance is matt, with subtle shading variations in the colour.Polychrome versions offer an additional range of colour depth producinghighlighting, shading and staining typical of weathered surfaces.
The texture is simply cut to shape (using a regular modellers knife), and attached using its self-adhesive backing. If necessary edges can be filled and painted using standard modelling products.

For those who wish to add even higher levels of detail; acrylic paints,weathering powders and washes, as well as tried and tested techniques, can all be used on the texture. It is easily cut, shaped, bent, laminated and glued as required to fit the model or to build-up effects. Again, most commonly used techniques and products can be used and applied to the texture.

Cutting and Fitting:
Redutex is an extremely flexible product, and can be adapted to fit many awkward spaces. Following a few guidelines makes this an easier and more effective process.

  • It is not recommended to bend or apply the textures at a room temperature of less than 15 degrees centigrade.
  • Damp, dusty, flaky or fuzzy surfaces should be cleaned dried and sealed before applying textures.
  • Larger scales or pronounced textures are less flexible than small scale bricks for example. It is recommended that the texture is cut, jointed and then trimmed when fitting into and around tight corners such as walls.
  • Matching the brick repetition on adjoining faces is as easy as lining up the courses! This produces (IMHO) the best finish.
  • The ‘full wrap’ effect is more applicable to curved surfaces and pavedareas. Some of thelarger textures, (such as Pantiles)and larger scalesare more difficult to bend as they have a more pronounced shape, andresistbending.
  • Uneven surfaces require no special technique as eventheselarger textures are sufficiently flexible to conform to undulations andminorcurves.
  • Tightercurves and bends can be accommodated by gentle warming, either byholding inthe hand, or use of a hair-dryer.
  • More heatwill allow stretching and deformation to take place, allowing theformation of ‘flatcurves’ i.e. forming a paved texture around a curved pathway.
  • N.B. Toomuch direct heat will damage the texture!
  • If theeffect you are attempting is proving difficult, then emulate the realworld,i.e. paving slabs are often cut at angles and jointed rather than bentwhenbuilding a curved path. Roofs which are sagging often have uneven andmissingtiles, cut and trim your texture to emulate missing tiles and drops intheroofline. Cut out one or two tiles and fit below the gap, orpile onthe ground,as slipped tiles.
  • Othersurfacesnaturally curve, i.e. Tarmac. In this case divide the texture intolinier strips,and curve each individually using heat, strips are laid side by side.
  • Afiller will be shortly available in the texture basecolours. This will simplify jointing in difficult areas.

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