Steam N Motor Supercreep

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5 pole motor (super-creep type)
Fits all tender drive steam locos originally fitted with super-creep type motors

Dimensions: 21mm (27mm including spindle) x 15mm x 10mm
                         Spindle Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm

Please note.
This is a replacement motor fitting most Dapol tender drive steam locos which were originally fitted with this type of motor. It is not supplied with a drive yoke.
The drive yoke can be removed from your old motor by pulling it gently and steadily.
It is refitted to the new motor simply by pushing.
Do NOT use stud lock or any type of glue.
When re-fitting the yoke, ensure a gap is left between the rear of the yoke, and the motor body to avoid binding.
Drive yokes are not generally interchangeable between different classes of loco.

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 cm


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